राजगड तोरणा – एक अविस्मरणीय अनुभव 

राजगड- तोरणा खूप दिवस Un-Necessary च्या to do list मध्ये होता…पण मुहूर्त मिळत नव्हता…२५-२६-२७ जानेवारी २०१३ ला लागोपाठ सुट्ट्या असल्याने हीच ती मंगल घटिका अस म्हणून ट्रेक प्लान झाला…Click here





A walk in the clouds –Shishir Bhate

Have you ever tried pushing a 3-tonne battle-tank up a hill? Alone? While the driver is standing on its brake pedal?Or maybe you have tried coming down a sheer rocky mountain, splattered in patches with slimy clay – the kind they make quicksand from – wearing roller skates?

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when I almost wet my pants –Patcy

Suddenly, a crackle of dry leaves… We froze… coming towards us was something or someone we thought (at least I did) could be our nemesis..Click here for more.

A cross-country trek from Samradh – Ratangad – Katrabai forest – Kaladgad – Harishchandragad
A few villagers who passed by gave our group a new name “Houshie Paryatak(ambitious tourists)”
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RJ Archana’s first trek
Tann, Mann Ko SuKOOON mil gaya trekking in MONSOON!

When you are confident of the path you have tread, you feel like showing the way to others and helping them out too!
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To ‘Corporate’ Matheran,
via ‘Unnecessary’ route

A seven hour trek to Matheran from Chowk using a wooden ladder.

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“I think I will lose atleast 2 kgs after this hike”
- Nine year old Ria, after her first hike ever

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Trekking with Pranil and gang
Shivaji, sprained his knees. The commando shouts stopped. But, nevertheless, like a saqt jawaan, he braved on in mushkil waqt.

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7-day trip along costal Maharashtra

Once again we had some great sea-food for dinner and went to sleep with a faint hope of seeing dolphins in the morning

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