Day Seven – The last day

3rd October

Got up early, freshened up and packed our bags for one last time. We were heading towards home but not before visiting some more interesting place.

The view of Harne village from a distant hill was amazing. On our way we saw the beautiful Anjarle beach and also visited a temple called Kadyavarcha Ganpati, because it was situated on a hillock. One beach was full of seagulls. After clicking photos, we proceeded towards Bankot, the last fort on our itenary. It is also a very quite fort not frequented by visitors. We spend some time here before going to Harihareshwar.

Enroute we had take a ferry in which even our buses can be accommodated. This saved us more than 50 kms by road. We had late lunch at Harihareshwar and also visited the temple. Climbed the hill nearby, only to get near a beach. Enjoyed the sunset for the last time on this trip and got back into the bus.

Seven days had passed like a jiffy. In seven days, eighteen of us visited more than a dozen forts and temples and a couple of beaches, which were untouched by tourists. We ate amazing seafood. We covered more than 1500 kilometers in the same bus, but not a single minute of it were boring, even when it wasn’t a video coach. In the bus, we played cricket, sang all kinds of songs, danced like Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh, we debated about a lot of things, from politics to even why one should get married or not. Each and every moment of the travel and destinations we saw will be etched in our memories for a long long time.

Last but not the least, we had two excellent drivers Sachin and Shyam. They were young but never rash. And the cleaner of the bus was amazing too. Every time we stepped into the bus it was clean. They also enjoyed the trip equally.

Overall we had a great time together, while exploring and learning about the heroics about the great Maratha leader.

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Of seaforts, seafood and solcurry


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