I-Day trek (Gorakhgad)


Hi folks, you guys missed it. Like every year, we planned to go hiking on Independence Day and forty six people turned up.

Yes, the sixty plus, uncle Iyer was also there. Hats off to him and kids Anchala, Ria and Master (pun intended) Parth. They rocked with all the others!!!

View Gaurang’s photo album | From Manoj’s camera

Watch this space for more photo albums and an exclusive video!!!


Gorakhgad “I think I will lose atleast 2 kgs after this hike”
- Ria(16kgs) to Amit, while climbing down

“I had fun in the gorakhgad hike pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let us know whenever u plan the next trek :-)”
- Nine year old Ria, after her first hike ever.

Gorakhgad“Hiked today and reached 1500-2000 feet above ground level, got my clothes terribly dirty, slided on dirt, did some advanced hiking too, and i of course have a few bruises coz of thorns, n i drank 4 cups of tea after reaching down!!! was fun”
- Prashant on his Facebook wall after the hike.

“Hi All,
Gorakhgad I think I have sprained my knee a bit. Will wait for another two days before I go for an x-ray. But don’t worry, I will be fit before the next hike.”

- Iyer Uncle’s sms a day after the Independence Day hike.

Lil Gyaan:
The climb is very enjoyable. The pinnacle has a large cave carved out in the main rock. Gorakhgad is surrounded by Siddhagad (which again is a very nice trek), Machindragad (which makes a spectacular view from the cave) and Ahupe Ghat.

Right on top of the pinnacle is small temple of Mahadeo and Nandi sitting outside it, as usual.

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