My First Trek-RJ Archana Pania – Radio City

My designer friend Reuben said it best when he said, “the BEST TIME TO START trekking is the MONSOOON!” 

Tann, Mann Ko SuKOOON mil gaya trekking in MONSOON!

My Journey to HariHar FORT was a DREAM TREK as far as I am concerned! Its along the Mumbai-Nasik Highway about 3 and half hours away from Thane! Falls under the traiyambakk range of hills!

Shivaji Maharaaaaj ke one of the MANY MANY forts, that is on a “HATHEE” shaped hill!! (hatheee . . . .u cant imagine how excited that made me feel when I saw itt!!!!!!! Yoohoooooooo moment thaa!!!!!)

I HAD NO CLUE how high it was and what we were going to climb until we actually reached the foot of the hill which was an hour away from the start point!

First of all our group “UN-Necessary” trekkers (meaning = U ‘n NATURE necessary) was HUGE (28 people) and solid ek se ek personalities the!

THEY SING SONGS on their way that are full of life, josh and junoon- like yeh jawaanee hai deewaanee haaan, meri raaneee to beedi jalayee ley! Loved each and every one of them, for being so unique, simple, loving and chilled out! My heart throb was RAEE (meaning Forest in Marathi) who was all of 6 and has been trekking since she was 8 months! She was fearless and adventurous to the core! Showing everyone around the uniqueness of the fields the fort et al! Loved herrr!!!!! (And she was a scorpion too … LOL! Heheheehe!)

Reuben was the REASON I was there! The man who LOOKS so much younger than his actual age and who has been all over India on a cycle! He is a true adventurer at soul! And have wanted to trek with him only for 5 years NOW! So had to had to finally do it!!!!! Why this time! ? ? ? Hari Har – meaning mix of Shiv + Krishna Hari= Krishna
Har Har (Mahadev)= Shivji

No No just kidding about the funda above, trekking JUST HAPPENS when its got to happen doesn’t it!!

I have no gyming, regular exercising, or any physical activity happening in my life . . . . . .whatsoever that could equip me for this trip EXCEPT for my superrr eXxxcitement to trekkk!!

When we started to climb I had no concept of what its like to reach a hill top! Climbing the zig-zag winding paths (where no breeze reaches at times) made me breathless and eXtremely uncomfortable! But looking at the way everyone kept going, I was too energized to keep at it too! The fabbb greenery and the foggy cloudy dream like atmosphere doubled the mazzzaaaa!! But my breath was heavy and I was like Oh God this is NOT as simple as one wud have imagined!

Worser more I wore my fake do numbree ka “Crocss” they were so not apt for the trek, (Later Sumita told me that the best stuff to wear is ‘power’ from BATA, sasta sunder, tikau for treks) And in the monsoon the water drains out of the floaters too!

Once we reached the foothill in one and quarter hour(S) I felt exhilarated but then looking at the HILL ahead of us I was like, NO WAYS! It looked gorgeous olright but something told me . . . HOW will we manage and manage u do as its so exciting and bloddy adventurous, ki while g**nd is phatoiiiing and life might seem like its nikkkLoing from ur hands, u just have to concentrate and take ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!

The steps uphill were steep and magnificent! They had a D shapedddd holes dug out on the right and lefthand cornerss (like the handle in ur car doors) to latch on to and climb uppp!! Amazing!!!

THANDAAAA paanee was dripppping from up above the hill as it was raining and we wud drink it upp (tipppp by tippp) as u get bloody thirsty while u sweating In ur trek! Parched is the word!

of course the fact that bakree shit and cow shit was found on on way further up dint make us puke that we had dripping water from somewhere in between!

But u realize how tough jaanwars are while u climb and watch the big fat cows on their scrawny legs and bakrrreeees who look so frail and yet they climb all these mountains like we walk on the footpath! Amazing hai nature!!

Up there at the top of the hilllll, Shivji Ka Mandir and HANUMAAAANJI ka mandir in the midst of all thefogg!!!!!! AAAAAAh kay majaaa aaayaa!
And Shivaji Mahraaaj ki Jai Ho! Unhoney bahut saare kuwe aur water ponds banayey to be able to drink tonss of paanee and also he made a lil house for stocking upppp! He was a GENIUSSS by faaaar!

Itne lambe journey ke baad bhooooook jo lagtee hai, jo bhooook lagtee hai! Uff kya batayey@@@@

We ate chompppp chomppp sab ke ghar ka khaanaaa! I sat in the middle of all the trekkers who formed a circle and ate everything everyone got along, TAMARIND RICE, CURD RICE, BHURJEE-ROTEE, NACHNEE CHIPZZ, mere ghar ka PULAO + DAHEE, oh there was so much yaaaad bhee naheen hai abbb!

But the best was the chocolate (which the South Africa – World Cup returned Sunil Sharma) and the fruits (pomegranate, apppppples) that one of the UNNECESSARY gang members got that got us all grooving! I have realized the effect that CHOCOLATE has on kids and elders!!!

Lil song and dance happened, loo-iiing in the open fields happened, Yog at the edge of the cLiff happened! And then the climb down the hill, in which I glided most of my way down and TORE my 3/4th traXXXX@@@

On our way back in the bus the “UNNECESSARY” trekkers sang soft mellow and soothing numbers for the sore body!!! But I chose to sleep the way back, because I had a torn pair of traxx on so dint want to jump around and also I had not visited the LOO in the open air alllllllll day (except for one leak on the hill top in the green grass. . . hehehehehe) from 4 in the morning till I got home at 11:30!

But . . . . . .who caresssssss!

Aaaaall worth it! The best best best adventure and nature trip I have ever had!

I realized that the mall, and movie culture we have in Mumbai cannot give us half the learning, thrill, chill and REAL FUN like a trek and so was glad that kids were being brought to these treks to have a TRULY fun experience over a weekend mall visit!

Trekking my friends is Like “Life” packaged in a few hours! How? U may ask?

Here is how:
You start ur journey in full gusto, energized by the tasks ahead of you.

But when u lose steam you feel like giving up many a times!

But then u remind yourself that you have to get to your destination before darkness dawns!

Sometimes u are tired and so rest a bit.

But if You have true caring friends, their encouragement, help and energy pushes you to keep going!

Kids always always give u a FRESHHHHHH purpose of living!

When yOu are confident of the path you have tread, you feel like showing the way to others and helping them out too!

A bit of a “risky” path gives you an all renewed energy and focus to do MORE!

The path can be tiresome, dangerous, and SEEM very very LONG!


When u reach your destination its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

MOVE on, take a trek today to catch up with LIFE and TRUE LIVING!

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