To Rohida, Raireshwar and Kenjalgad

Rohida, Raireshwar, Kenjalgad

2nd October 2010

Read to know how we met twelve Ranchos!

On Friday 1st of October, seven of us (Manoj Patil, Manoj Appu, Arun Badya, Amit, Bapu, Santosh, Mayuresh and Kishore) took a Qualis and proceeded towards Bhor. We reached the base village Bajarwadi in the early hours and climbed Rohida within two hours. There was nothing much to see, except for the watchtowers, which were in good condition. There was a lot of hikers, maybe because it was very close to Pune. And most of them, like us, were planning to climb Raireshwar too. We got downhill in half an hour. It was that easy.

After lunch we ascended to Raireshwar. It is believed that, it was here at the age of sixteen, a young Shivaji cut his little finger and vowed for Swaraj.

When we reached the top we were a little disappointed to see a proper road reaching almost the top. Now that means in a couple of years it may be a tourist spot, a la Koraigad, near Amby Valley. One may drive in their Volkswagens or Mercs and reach the top. It may no longer be hiker’s delight.

Rohida, Raireshwar, Kenjalgad On that day, the view up here was amazing. There were two wonderful lakes on the top. Maybe we were just lucky to experience the place in it’s natural beauty, before commercialisation sneaks in.

The sun had just set and we’ve managed to reach the base village. We were not allowed to stay in the village school, as it would require the Sarpanch‘s (village head) permission. Neither could we stay inside the temple, because the villagers don’t want people to disturb the sanctity of the place.

However we managed to find a villager, who served us supper and also provided us some space to spend the night.

A very interesting thing about this village was it’s school. It had a total of twelve students, from class one to seven. Class one had two students, while class two had one, class three and four had two each, class five had one and class six and seven again had two each. There was one classroom and all the twelve students sat together. And there were two teachers, who took turns to teach them. So what do you have there? Twelve Rancho Chanchads! Remember 3-idiots. After the seventh standard, these students either went to nearby Wai, to study further, from class eight to tenth. Some joined hostels if their parents could afford to send them.

The next day be visited the Raireshwar temple. It was well maintained and looked very beautiful. One of the villager suggested that there was an area where you could see soils of different colors. Unfortunately we couldn’t see it because the rains had smeared red all over. So everything looked the same.

Rohida, Raireshwar, Kenjalgad We then marched towards Kenjalgad. Enroute we spotted atleast two snakes. While one was having a happy meal, the other was taking a siesta, maybe.

There wasn’t much atop this fort but the view from up there was breathtaking. It was green all over and one could see a hundred species of flowers. While climbing down we had some fun. We decided to take a different route to the village. A route which wasn’t much travelled. It was steep and we were literally sliding down – the almost seventy degree – slope.

We came across a stream near the base village, Korle. Everyone took a dip, before getting into our gaddi to return to Amchi Mumbai.

Kishore’s photogallery | Manoj’s photogallery


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