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Unnecessary Information !!!

In the late 80′s and early 90′s some cadets from the NCC, were introduced to hiking as part of their curriculum.  Even after the three-year training, some of them continued going back to the mountains and made it their  passion.

 Some made their own groups in different parts of Mumbai, viz: Chembur, Dombivli, Vikroli, Kalyan, while others  influenced their colleagues in offices or colonies to go to the mountains.  

 Likewise, there was a group of boys and girls from Kannamwar Nagar, Vikroli. They wandered through the  Sahyadris and beyond. With them they inspired, fooled, coaxed and did whatever they could, to make people  climb mountains. Some got addicted, some cursed and some like Makarand labeled it as Unnecessary things. In turn he was called the Corporate type. Both the name stuck.

We call ourselves ‘Unnecessary Hikers’ and still continue to inspire the ‘Corporate’ types to take up hiking.

Waise Unnecessary also means U(you) and N(nature) is Necessary for your well being.
The tag line Keep moving… – that’s thanks to Hariprasad, a regular, who literally keeps chanting those words. You have to trek with him to know what we mean.

One great thing about our hiking ways is that – the spirit of the college days is still maintained. And that’s because we haven’t gone commercial yet.

Like during those days when we would be sipping cutting chai in the canteen and suddenly someone would suggest, ‘Chal yaar, hike jaatey hain’ – and we decided the spot, planned the travel and went hiking on a shoe-string budget – even today we do the same.

We call up friends, email plans and go for hikes and tours, while doing many other Unnecessary things.

We travel by the last local, the first ST buses. We hitch hike on empty trucks or even bullock carts. Yes, we also arrange a bus and travel like the ‘Corporate’ types.

Over the past two decades we have met different people and made good friends. We’ve managed to merge the Vikroli group, the Thane, Kalyan, Dombivli, the Unilever group, the Mukund group and many other groups together. Most of us have either moved out of Vikroli, many from the Vikroli gang have stopped hiking, but somewhere in our hearts we still say, Vikroli ka Unnecessary Hikers.

Guys and gals from different walks of life, from seamen to faujis, from programmers to designers, journalists to accountants, businessmen to marketing professionals, the employed and the bekaars, school kids to teenager, everyone does unnecessary things with us.

Do you want to join the gang? Just keep visiting our site and look out for the forthcoming plans or drop in a mail and we shall keep you updated about our activities.

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